Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do We have a Gun Violence Problem?

Or do we have a Liberal violence problem?
The Denver metro area is reeling from yet another "shooting" at a local high school.  The "shooter" shot a student in the head before taking his own life.
My thoughts and prayers are with Claire Davis who is currently in a coma, her family, and her friends.  I cannot imagine what they are going through at this time.
That said, we have to understand why this is happening and I'm taking note of some similarities between these "shooters."  Many of them have direct connections to Liberal organizations or identify strongly with Liberal ideas.  Ironic since Liberals will quickly blame Conservatives and Conservative groups for the violence--which in turn only further incentivizes it as a means to vilify Conservatives (yes, this Liberal-attempted-murderer even supported gun control).

The connection is so strong in this case, the Liberal biased media is attempting to white-wash any mention of it.  The Denver Post was caught removing the word "Socialist" from a story describing the would-be murderer.
Why does this matter?  Modern American Liberalism is predicated on the belief that the collective, as governed by the elite, trumps the individual and his rights.  This is a social order in which our betters control every aspect of our lives for the "greater good" and are justified in using force to gain compliance.  This political ideology can easily create an egoist who, believing he is an intellectual elite, also believes he is always right...
"He was always the type that wanted to be right. He would always argue with the teacher about scholastic things, whatever we were talking about he always had something to say. Never wanted anyone to tell him he was wrong. I definitely noticed that in the classes I was in with him," Minne said. "He spoke intelligently, he's a smart guy, I think he did pretty well in school, he was just kinda weird. ... He wasn't a violent person, he was just verbally aggressive."
Where this shooter differs from Liberal leadership is that he used a gun himself to control others and create artificial consequences rather than send agents of the state to do his bidding for him.  If anyone has any doubt that Liberals routinely resort to this kind of violence, try not paying your taxes and see what happens.  And soon it will be refusing to buy insurance.  This is essentially the goal of citizen disarmament; create a government monopoly on violence to enhance its effectiveness against the People.
In the coming days and weeks I hope we learn what the speech coach did to set this kid off.  But it's important to note there is no justification for what this monster did.  NONE.  And as we search for those answers we're starting to get some insight into how the would-be murderer was raised.
Mark Pierson contacted The Denver Post on Monday, wanting to discuss the school's discipline of his son. He said he and his ex-wife attended multiple disciplinary hearings with school officials earlier this year.
He said school officials, including librarian and debate coach Tracy Murphy, should have to answer questions about the interactions they had with his son, who was a member of the debate team.
"I'm not the guy who is going to have the answers on this," Mark Pierson told The Post. "Tracy Murphy is the key player."
Again, there is no justification for what was done, yet the father wants to shift blame to the school.  And here there is another exposed tenet of Liberalism; collective responsibility (zero individual accountability).  I'm not saying the school and/or speech coach are perfect--just that their behavior can in no way be a justification for murder in this case.

Also telling will be the long disciplinary record and the fact the shooter was removed from Highlands Ranch High School which was blocks from his home, and commuted to Arapahoe High School--in a different county/district.  If this kid had made threats in the past, as is rumored, why wasn't he removed from the school?

Liberals will no doubt avoid answering these questions and make it about gun control--trying to seize another opportunity to disarm us, pushing towards their impossible utopia.  Never will we have a conversation about how the Liberal ideology is creating psychopaths and how gun free zones have made our children fish in a barrel.

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