Monday, August 20, 2012

Colossal Error

The media buzzing about Rep Todd Akin's statement this week--and only because he has an (R) behind his name.

But Akin didn't screw up nearly as bad as the "Conservatives" and supposed Christians who have rushed forward to vocally support abortion in cases of rape.  These hypocrites are the ones we should be discussing.



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chief Gun Grabber Exposed

Something phenomenal happened this week and was mostly missed in the media (as usual):  the leader of the statist effort to ban guns was honest.  No, not in what he said, but what he did.

"New York City Mayor MichaelBloomberg doubled down this week on his call for more gun control following theColorado massacre – suggesting police strike until additional laws are passed."

Now, let’s back up for a second...  We are told by gun control advocates that their agenda is necessary even if it saves just one life.  We are told that the cost of our Second Amendment isn’t reasonable if it unjustly takes just one life.  Obviously this is part of an impossible test for gun rights created for one purpose; completely eliminating private gun ownership.

So how many people would be robbed, raped, and murdered in Bloomberg’s nation-wide police strike?

Sunday, July 22, 2012


...that’s how the Left sees tragedies like those that happened Friday morning in Aurora. 

These active shooter events are emotionally exhausting.  After the grief comes anger.  The most frustrating aspect is the vacuum of personal safety created by strict gun laws, an incompetent government that promises us safety but constantly fails to provide it, and an army of useful idiots (Century Theatres [owned by Cinemark] has a no guns policy even for lawful concealed carry permit holders).  And as if the actual shooting wasn’t bad enough, the coalition of gun-grabbers and government “officials” can’t even let the blood dry before they start using this as an opportunity.

Gun Control

Some say that gun control is broken, but that actually isn’t true.  Gun control has done exactly what it was intended to do—disarm the law-abiding public (and nothing more).  A criminal who is about to commit a violent crime with a gun doesn’t care about gun control laws to include magazine restrictions, barrel lengths, types of weapons, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, or actions.  A CRIMINAL DOES NOT CARE.  And thus, gun control does nothing to limit crime while the unintended consequences (empowering criminals) far outweigh any benefits.  This is a well-known and documented fact which is why support for gun control has dramatically decreased in the United States while the agenda of Leftist gun-grabbers becomes more apparent.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Assault on Self-Defense

A little reported event occured this weekend that should have the attention of every American.  Congress actually debated revoking your right to self-defense.  No, they didn't offer an Amendment to the Constitution; they instead sought a way to bully states into striking down "stand your ground" laws having the same outcome without the due process.

Self-defense is a natural right.  Period.  There is no legal debate to be had here.  Self-defense is also a moral act as individuals have a duty to avoid harm and preserve their lives which in some unfortunate situations requires a level of force.  Pragmatically, self-defense is necessary in a civilized society as a means of de-incentivizing crime via natural consequences.   And the collective benefit of such acts is demonstrated when comparing crime rates in populations that acknowledge this natural right v. those that do not.  It bears repeating that America's crime capitals have the most gun control.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Handgun Selection: Overview

I am posting this advice as I have been asked by several people in recent weeks for advice on purchasing their first firearm. The reader should assume there is always more detail and information available than what is contained in this post—I am going to try and keep this as short and to the point as possible but it is a lot of information.

Anyone interesting in getting introduced to firearms should take classes from a qualified instructor. The local gun shop can be a great resource and the NRA is also be helpful.

If there was ever a time in the history of the United States to own a gun it is today. Right now. The idea that a weapon will be made available to you, in the event of emergency, and you’ll be able to use it is limited to Hollywood movies and fiction. The threats to our Second Amendment rights are numerous and growing.

The handgun (pistol) is the most versatile self-defense (SD) weapon available. If you can only own one gun, or are getting into guns because you want a SD weapon, the handgun should be first on your list. By no means should you stop with handguns either, but this post will deal only with handgun selection and it will be limited to semi-automatic handguns as they are the most capable for SD.

A Sig Sauer P226R in three different roles; home defense, sidearm, and concealed.

Handgun Selection: Part I Ammunition

The ammunition that a handgun fires, called a “round” in the singular, is the most important variable in how capable the weapon is. There are no “high/low” switches on firearms, and frankly, no reasonable person would use such a switch. In a SD scenario the goal is to stop the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Various .40SW loads; 135gr JHP, 165gr JHP, 165gr BJHP, and 180gr FMJ

Handgun Selection: Part II Action

The action of a weapon is also critically important in selecting a handgun. The action determines how a weapon is fired and involves the trigger, safety(ies), and sometimes a de-cocker.

Many people will get confused when considering the action of a gun and assume that a gun that lacks external safeties is less safe. It is actually the operator who determines how safe a gun is and not the mechanics of the weapon. Alternatively, the presence of an external safety doesn’t make the gun safer either as many people have accidentally shot themselves with guns that have external safeties.

Once an action or “platform” is selected, users should try to stick to that platform. This decreases the need to train to different platforms which would increase confusion and decrease the effectiveness of muscle memory once the adrenalin kicks in. In short: keep it simple.

While there are advantages and disadvantages it is always the shooter who must train to that action and be safe with it. Here are my thoughts on the most popular actions available...

Handgun Selection: Part III Size

This is also where things get super confusing as there are many choices. Most major handgun manufacturers will make models in the following sizes: full, compact, subcompact, and pocket. Among these sizes are “single stack” (single row of rounds in a magazine) and “double stack” (two rows of rounds in the magazine).

To make this easier, rule out the subcompact and pocket sized guns right off the top. Unless you have very small hands and cannot handle a larger gun, don’t even consider these as a SD gun. It’s worth noting that these sized guns do have a role for shooters, but they are not good primary SD guns because of their limitations (capacity and accuracy [shorter barrel]).

I would also eliminate single stack guns for the capacity limitations.

Handgun Selection: Part V Manufacturers

The most important thing to consider in the brand department is the track record of quality. If you buy a gun that malfunctions when you need it, it becomes an expensive chunk of metal. Do not spend time on what looks cool or what special forces team x carried to kill Bin Laden (they carried P226s by the way :) ).

I find that manufacturers with military/LE contracts are the most invested in quality. Gun companies live and die on the basis of these contracts and not civilian sales. A company that loses a contract because of quality will have a serious black eye that will cost them dearly.

Handgun Selection: Part V Accessories

These are some things to think about in addition to buying the actual gun and what comes with it in the box.

I prefer night sights on my handguns. These are sights that glow in low light/no light and provide you with a sight picture in all conditions.

They are about $160 to add onto a gun after purchase or $100 if you can do it yourself (and they are hard to do—I have done them). It is best to buy a gun with these sights installed and properly zeroed.

Night sights have a 12 year life limited by the radioactive isotope (Tritium) that is used in them. Yes, that sounds scary, but it’s not. If buying a used gun or old stock, consider this lifespan. Most manufacturers will label the box with the born on date.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Infiltration of Churches

Sojourners (George Soros) has made the infiltration of churches a priority.  I won't discuss why--you should be able to figure that much out for yourself along with the danger.

Currently, this is being done very carefully and quietly.  It is being done in small groups and with a complete misinterpretation of scripture in service.

I recently had the displeasure of witnessing what a conquered church looks like.  This was a "normal" enough looking church.  The people are nice.  Many are older and thus have the benefit of a proper education.  But as I walked around I found the "Soul Journers" room--small groups have their own rooms.

Soul Journers -> Sojouners?!? Just a coincidence...