Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chief Gun Grabber Exposed

Something phenomenal happened this week and was mostly missed in the media (as usual):  the leader of the statist effort to ban guns was honest.  No, not in what he said, but what he did.

"New York City Mayor MichaelBloomberg doubled down this week on his call for more gun control following theColorado massacre – suggesting police strike until additional laws are passed."

Now, let’s back up for a second...  We are told by gun control advocates that their agenda is necessary even if it saves just one life.  We are told that the cost of our Second Amendment isn’t reasonable if it unjustly takes just one life.  Obviously this is part of an impossible test for gun rights created for one purpose; completely eliminating private gun ownership.

So how many people would be robbed, raped, and murdered in Bloomberg’s nation-wide police strike?

Sunday, July 22, 2012


...that’s how the Left sees tragedies like those that happened Friday morning in Aurora. 

These active shooter events are emotionally exhausting.  After the grief comes anger.  The most frustrating aspect is the vacuum of personal safety created by strict gun laws, an incompetent government that promises us safety but constantly fails to provide it, and an army of useful idiots (Century Theatres [owned by Cinemark] has a no guns policy even for lawful concealed carry permit holders).  And as if the actual shooting wasn’t bad enough, the coalition of gun-grabbers and government “officials” can’t even let the blood dry before they start using this as an opportunity.

Gun Control

Some say that gun control is broken, but that actually isn’t true.  Gun control has done exactly what it was intended to do—disarm the law-abiding public (and nothing more).  A criminal who is about to commit a violent crime with a gun doesn’t care about gun control laws to include magazine restrictions, barrel lengths, types of weapons, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, or actions.  A CRIMINAL DOES NOT CARE.  And thus, gun control does nothing to limit crime while the unintended consequences (empowering criminals) far outweigh any benefits.  This is a well-known and documented fact which is why support for gun control has dramatically decreased in the United States while the agenda of Leftist gun-grabbers becomes more apparent.