Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Temperature Fail

Yes it's cold, but not that cold. Either someone has a sense of humor at or their thermometer has a hard time displaying accurate negative temps.

Either way, I think a lot of folks have had enough of this cold snap. A high of 10 feels totally different from a high of 30 in Denver.

Can we get our global warming on yet?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Going Downhill

You know it's going downhill fast when this man can't fly an American flag at his own home.

Reading Col. Barfoot's bio gave me chills and to think someone would tell this man he can't fly the Stars and Stripes in the county he nearly died protecting multiple times is outrageous!!!

I know people will try and defend the weasels in the HOA. There is no HOA regulation about flagpoles or flags, btw, simply a committee that finds our nation's flag "unsightly."

It's coming to the point where there is always a reason to attack people who still believe in this country. Always a reason why we can't fly the Flag because it offends someone or is "unsightly." Always a reason we can't have the traditional displays of our Judeo-Christian heritage like a nativity scene.

America is most certainly under attack and it's not a handful of cave dwellers this time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trigger Proposal

I noted before that the Leftists plan on health care has always been to 1.) Destroy the current private system and 2.) Replace the private system with a public system (socialized) they completely control.

Well they are staring to show their cards with the latest proposal by Senator Olympia Snowe (RINO-Maine).

"Snowe favors a trigger proposal, where a public option would go into effect if the private health insurance market falters. The trigger has been soundly rejected by some liberals in Congress."

The measure for failure ("falter?!?") will be far from what we expect; if someone, somewhere, can't afford health insurance or can't get "reasonable" coverage, they will find a way to pull this trigger. And of course, don't forget that they are imposing new regulations on the insurance companies that will dramatically increase costs and make the private system more likely to "falter."

The strategy here also deserves some analysis. This is being proposed by Snowe, a liberal Republican, who has been easy to manipulate throughout the health care debate. They need to sell this as a bipartisan compromise and that is why it's coming from the "R" side of the aisle. The only thing Conservatives will get is a little more time for the private system before the government takes complete control of this sector of the economy and our lives.