Saturday, November 2, 2013

Time for Civil Action?

No, I didn't mean uncivil, but civil as in civil court.

The promise of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was to lower health care costs and increase accessibility.  High costs and less accessibility claimed lives as people had to make tough choices and were denied expensive care.  Thus Liberals proclaimed no one had a moral case to oppose Obamacare.  This argument demonstrates that Liberals understand the connection between high costs and suffering/premature death.

We Conservatives pointed to history, common sense, and mathematics arguing that Obamacare, being a collectivization of the health care system, would create resource scarcity and actually drive up the cost of care/decrease accessibility.  We were called racists, bigots, homophobes, and sexists.  We were told we hated women and children.

Well, we were right.  And we don't hate women, children, minorities, gays, or any other identity group--in fact Obamacare will prove to disproportionately damage those groups (and we warned about this too)!

As the Obama Regime continues to lie about what they've done, we're learning that millions are losing their insurance (more than are signing up for Obamacare).  We're learning the Regime knew this in 2010 when the "law" was signed.  We are learning that folks are being "transitioned" out of affordable plans with premiums costing 300-500% more than their cancelled plans.  And the government owned media can't even distort this reality--it is the new normal.

Now, recall that Liberal argument above...   Liberals have now caused suffering and people will die because of what they have done--they are killing peopleI predicted this, not because I am any more intelligent than the average American, but because I was willing to look at the history of collectivization without letting a personal or political ideology get in the way.  In that post I outline much of what Obama and the elites have tried to accomplish to protect themselves from this anticipated backlash.

Many people are asking why Obama and his elites are dug-in on Obamacare.  "Why don't they just repeal it or delay it?" is often asked on the street level.  The answer isn't as simple as politics or perceptions.  Obamacare is about incremental control of the health care system--and they won't let that go.  Nor will they willingly stop in their efforts to control every single aspect of our lives.

It will take some time and courage to make these political elites accountable for what they have done.  Obama, Reid, Pelosi will likely never allow themselves to properly answer for putting millions of Americans in the ground on an advanced schedule.  They have immunity from such things.  But the A-list celebrities who endorsed Obamacare do not.

These celebrities used their status, influence, and wealth to advance Obamacare and this wasn't just a simple endorsement of a belief or kind-hearted notion.  Will Ferrell turned funnyordie into a Liberal propaganda outlet.  A cast of useful-idiot-celebs joined him in making videos mocking Conservatives who had very real (and once again proven) concerns about Obamacare.  These videos and messages were designed to shut down a debate that might have prevented the harm we are now witnessing.

What level of responsibility do these people have?

At the end of the day, Obama's Hollywood Whores will use their wealth and celebrity to avoid the consequences of what they have done.  Meanwhile, their actions have caused Americans to suffer and die.  Is Ferrell dipping into his pocket to help folks pay their 300-500+% premium increases?  Nope.  Has Olivia Wilde even apologized for what she has done?  Nope.  And they never will.

This is why I believe we should start using the civil court system to hold these celebs accountable.  Individuals seeing sky-rocketing premiums, or going without care, or even losing a loved one have real damages.  I'm usually not one to put ideas in the heads of attorneys...  But this one could and should have legs. 

Does is make sense Ferrell can sit comfortably on his $85M net worth after what he's done while a single mother in Florida just had $6,000 a year taken from her--$6K she doesn't even have?!?  Doesn't social justice demand a reconciliation?

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