Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Local High School Student Self-Immolates

Yesterday a local high school student attempted to kill himself by setting himself on fire in the school's cafeteria...
Standley Lake High School in Westminster will remain closed on Tuesday, but counselors will be available after a 16-year-old boy set himself on fire in an apparent suicide attempt.
Authorities say the boy was burned over 80 percent of his body and is in critical condition at a local hospital.

When I first heard about this on the radio I couldn't believe my ears.  These are the things that happen in third world countries gripped by despair and tyranny not the United States.  Standley Lake High School is in a solidly middle class suburb of Denver not a hopeless war-torn nation.  This was a 16 year old student with his whole life ahead of him!  16!!!

There is a lot of speculation on why this happened and I think we'll have to wait to know the full truth.  Many are saying bullying is to blame.  Well, school aged children have always been bullied and I can't recall a single case of self-immolation as a result.

Something is terribly wrong with young people in America.  Something has changed.  Incidents like this should give us pause.  And by pause, I mean, life should not simply go on without addressing what is happening.

This is the new world Liberals are creating, the public school system (dominated by Liberals) being their crowning achievement.  While they will lie and distract from the root cause of incidents like this it's time we started holding them accountable for their radical transformation including what they have done to education.

When there is a school shooting, Liberals quickly hide the root cause, to include what is often the willful negligence of school staff and educrats, and say "ban guns!"  Yes, that will solve everything...  But what about knives?  Baseball bats?  Fists?  And now gasoline and lighters?!?  If a young person is willing to die by these means is there no end to the things we must ban?

Maybe the problem isn't an inanimate object.  Maybe it's not the children who are delivered, almost exclusively, sane and happy to the education system at age five/six.  Maybe the problem is the schools themselves and the people who create this environment?

It's time we dismantle these government run indoctrination camps.  It's time these educrats find more meaningful work, maybe piloting a broom?  The buildings can be sold to private schools who do a much better job educating children without the politicization and hate.  Teachers can give up their union memberships and become educators or move on with their lives.  Parents can pay tuition and apply for means-tested scholarships.  Education is a privilege and those who don't want to be there, or cause a disruption, would no longer be forced to attend--they would join the workforce pushing a broom next to the teacher's union members.

It's for the children.

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