Monday, August 20, 2012

Colossal Error

The media buzzing about Rep Todd Akin's statement this week--and only because he has an (R) behind his name.

But Akin didn't screw up nearly as bad as the "Conservatives" and supposed Christians who have rushed forward to vocally support abortion in cases of rape.  These hypocrites are the ones we should be discussing.


Rape is a heinous and evil thing and like most evil things it is impossible to mitigate the consequences (which is why we should work on prevention, but that's another conversation).  While rape is quite serious, murder is a greater offense.  Once you understand that you realize rape abortion doesn't just distribute the consequences of rape, but amplifies them to murder, depriving a third party (the child) of life.

How anyone can oppose abortion in general, but support rape abortion, is beyond reason.  Abortion is murder no matter what the motivation.  It is the unjustified taking of human life--the child could never do anything in utero to justify its own killing.  And there is no due process, so Liberals can spare me the death penalty argument.

And now the obvious question "who are you to tell a woman she must have her rapist's baby?"  I'm not the one who put her in that position, dullard.  The rapist is.  The rapist should be punished.  I'm the one explaining that we make a colossal error by thinking that committing a higher crime can make it all better.  It doesn't.

Aside from the immediate situation, the precedent we have set in this debate is startling.  Do "Conservatives" not understand that Socialism/Marxism is based on the redistribution of negative consequences to third parties?  How do you not see that Republicans?!?  Someone, somewhere is poor, so those of us who aren't must pay (give our labor to government freely) or go to jail.  It doesn't matter that we didn't make that person poor.  We never exploited him, stole from him, told him to drop out of school, nor did we introduce him to gangs or drugs.  In fact, we have done everything to give that person opportunity so he can succeed.  Yet, courtesy of Socialism/Marxism, we are made responsible.

This country is being led off of cliff and the men doing the leading who both claim to love the Lord and claim to know right from wrong are not to be trusted!

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