Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Assault on Self-Defense

A little reported event occured this weekend that should have the attention of every American.  Congress actually debated revoking your right to self-defense.  No, they didn't offer an Amendment to the Constitution; they instead sought a way to bully states into striking down "stand your ground" laws having the same outcome without the due process.

Self-defense is a natural right.  Period.  There is no legal debate to be had here.  Self-defense is also a moral act as individuals have a duty to avoid harm and preserve their lives which in some unfortunate situations requires a level of force.  Pragmatically, self-defense is necessary in a civilized society as a means of de-incentivizing crime via natural consequences.   And the collective benefit of such acts is demonstrated when comparing crime rates in populations that acknowledge this natural right v. those that do not.  It bears repeating that America's crime capitals have the most gun control.

So if there's no debate to be had on legal or ideological grounds, why does a Democrat from Minnesota care about suppressing the right to self-defense in Florida, or any other state?

The natural right to self-defense is a problem for them.  It can only be a problem for them if they intend to harm you; directly or indirectly.  This where folks should take note and do some thinking.  The representatives of your government just told you they want you (and your loved ones) to accept harm.  Why would they do that?

The racist/victim angle being played here is simply noise.  If Congress really cared about Trayvon Martin, they would take up the dozen or so Trayvon Martins that are killed each day.  These killings slip under the radar because black-on-black crime can't be used as racial fodder for their desired ends.  They needed a catalyst and the Martin shooting gave it to them with the necessary racial context.

We live in unprecedented times...  in America that is.  These events have already played out throughout history in many countries around the world that have experienced pure evil.  In each case, populations were disarmed and stripped of their natural rights as prerequisite for what was to come.  Americans should take note.

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