Sunday, July 22, 2012


...that’s how the Left sees tragedies like those that happened Friday morning in Aurora. 

These active shooter events are emotionally exhausting.  After the grief comes anger.  The most frustrating aspect is the vacuum of personal safety created by strict gun laws, an incompetent government that promises us safety but constantly fails to provide it, and an army of useful idiots (Century Theatres [owned by Cinemark] has a no guns policy even for lawful concealed carry permit holders).  And as if the actual shooting wasn’t bad enough, the coalition of gun-grabbers and government “officials” can’t even let the blood dry before they start using this as an opportunity.

Gun Control

Some say that gun control is broken, but that actually isn’t true.  Gun control has done exactly what it was intended to do—disarm the law-abiding public (and nothing more).  A criminal who is about to commit a violent crime with a gun doesn’t care about gun control laws to include magazine restrictions, barrel lengths, types of weapons, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, or actions.  A CRIMINAL DOES NOT CARE.  And thus, gun control does nothing to limit crime while the unintended consequences (empowering criminals) far outweigh any benefits.  This is a well-known and documented fact which is why support for gun control has dramatically decreased in the United States while the agenda of Leftist gun-grabbers becomes more apparent.

If someone came to you and said “12 people died in Aurora Colorado so we must increase your chance of being murdered by 16%, your chance of being assaulted will be raised 49%, and your chances of being sexually assaulted will be raised 30%,” you would probably tell that person where to go.  This is precisely what gun control advocates are telling us.  Many of these advocates are Law Enforcement (LE), political elite, and Hollywood—all of whom have an irrevocable privilege that the average lay person does not have.  LE will get to keep their guns for life.  The political elite are protected by armed security the taxpayers are forced to fund—security that carries weapons civilians cannot legally own.  The Hollywood loud-mouths hire armed personal body-guards (like Rosie O’Donnell).  Notice none of these people are willing to partner with us average Joes and give up their armed protection.

Some will find a comfortable gray area with a “moderate” stance and demand we ban “high capacity magazines” and/or “assault rifles.”  While these restrictions seem popular, there are actually very good reasons to oppose them.  First, “assault rifles” (automatic/select fire) are not legal without a special and expensive tax stamp from the ATF which is only given after strict requirements are met.  The scary black rifles the media refers to as “assault rifles” are actually semi-automatic.  These weapons, with what are actually standard capacity (30 round) magazines can be force multipliers.  In the hands of someone intent on doing evil they can do a lot of harm.  But in the hands of a law abiding citizen, it allows one person to engage multiple bad guys.  These weapons also allow citizens to stand against an invading force which in the past has had tremendous benefit (every blade of grass).

These “moderates” have the belief that everyone should be limited to a five-shot revolver or a bolt action rifle.  If that were the case, criminals would quickly learn they could out-gun and out-number the average civilian because, again, CRIMINALS DO NOT CARE ABOUT GUN CONTROL.  And our government is equipping their forces with machine guns and armored personal carriers—how could the People ever stand against them with revolvers and bolt action rifles?

Liberals believe, in their hubris, that they can dictate the way a gun is used (along with everything else in society).  They cannot, nor will they ever be able to do this.  It is a lie.  Every place that it has been tried it has failed.

Mayors Against Guns isn’t getting on their soapbox in Chicago, where dozens are killed each week, because Chicago has already been disarmed.  New York City?  Philly?  Nope.  They are coming to Colorado because we have not yet surrendered our rights.  They come here with the same lie and empty promises, not with the intent to prevent crime, but to disarm the public.  I only hope the People see through it.


A real solution to violent crime isn’t going after inanimate objects; it’s going after the criminal.  Our criminal justice system has been neutered by Liberals who have eliminated both the punishment and protection models of that system.  Without consequences, natural or artificial, there is no disincentive to committing crime.  Gun ownership provides immediate and natural consequence and is thus a natural deterrent to crime.

Nathan Dunlap, who murdered four innocent people in Aurora Colorado 19 years ago, is still on death row.  Why?  And if he is ever executed it will be in way to reduce his suffering in every possible way.  Why?!?  Shouldn’t criminals who have violently murdered others suffer a violent end?

And those that don’t get a death sentence get room and board (to include recreation, entertainment, and education) at the taxpayer’s expense!

There aren’t enough disincentives until we put the teeth back into our criminal justice system.  Part of that means focusing the system on real crimes (i.e. crimes against persons).  The practice of locking people up for trivial offenses needs to end so the system’s resources can be focused on violent crime.  Insanity defenses are exactly that:  insane.  “Insanity” has become a politically correct way of excusing evil.  If a person is functional enough to take a human life, with pre-meditation, than he is indeed sane.

Natural Rights

The rights conveyed in our Second Amendment transcend the Constitution.  They are natural inalienable rights; the individual right to be secure in person and property AND the collective right of the People to balance the power of the state.  Liberals are directly in conflict with both of these rights as they believe people must accept harm and apply to the government for relief which may/may not be provided depending on the victim’s wealth, race, gender, and sexual orientation.  This mentality is so pervasive that many police departments have stopped taking reports from victims under certain circumstances.

Liberals also reject any check-and-balance the People have against government tyranny as they plan to impose tyranny via the government (ends justify the means) as they have all over the world throughout history.

The Liberal hand-wringers won’t have an honest conversation about their intentions and will instead insist on knowing where this right ends forcing debate after debate.  They say things like “well, you can’t own a tank, can you?  What about a nuclear bomb?”  The Second Amendment, in context, clearly applies to small arms as it is small arms that are carried by a militia.  It is small arms that can be used by the People to exercise both rights.  From a Constitutional perspective, there should be no restriction on the ownership, sale/trade, or manufacture of small arms.  We have allowed this infringement only because we could still exercise our rights, but more gun control calls that ability into question.

Our Second Amendment is the cornerstone of our Liberty.  Without it, there is no end to the freedoms that can be taken from us and our children.  It makes perfect sense that Liberals/Communists/Marxists would target the Second Amendment using these shootings as it is the last obstacle to imposing tyranny on the American People.  These are the same people that once planned on killing 25M Americans in "re-education centers" that would resist them.  These are the same people that imprison law abiding citizens for their ideas or their religious beliefs.  These are the same people that have killed millions throughout history.

While mass shootings, like the ones on Friday morning, are tragic and horrible events, the loss of a dozen people does not warrant the calculated murder of millions.  Revoke our natural rights and that is precisely what will happen.  That’s not hyperbole, it’s history!

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