Friday, May 20, 2011


Until now, the comparisons between Obama and Hitler were mostly hyperbole.  Not anymore.  Apparently the President finds the Israelis, and perhaps all Jews, as an inconvenience getting between him and his campaign to embrace Muslim nations.  We all know how this President feels about inconvenient innocent life.

The demand for Israel to fall back to 1967 borders is nothing other than genocide and that blood will be on Obama's hands.  Anyone with a 5th grade education can see there are now only two logical outcomes to the President's actions, both of which result in massacre...

1.  Israelis, in their desire to live, reject the President's call for '67 borders 

"Palestinians" (which includes Hamas and Iran/Hezbollah) use the President's call as a justification for genocide.  Attacks against Israeli citizens escalate from within Israel.  Pressure on Israel's borders increases.  Violations of international law by Palestinians are ignored by the global community.  Leaders in Europe continue to embrace radical Islam and the Palestinian cause.  The West turns it's back on Israel--the blood is in the water and no one is coming to help.

2.  Israelis foolishly accept surrender of the '67 territories, in exchange for nothing

No guarantees are given to the Israeli people.  Palestine refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist.  Non-Muslim holy places are desecrated and destroyed.  The Palestinians do to the territories and Jerusalem what Muslims have done to the entire Middle East.  Violence erupts day after day after day.  Peace has not been won.  The Palestinians refuse to act in good faith.

The global community, while concerned by these events, does nothing.  Just as they have failed to condemn the strategic slaughter of Israelis for decades for fear of losing oil deals or isolating Russia/China who do business with Iran regularly.

I believe the fall of Israel is now inevitable.  I hope I am wrong.  I do not see a future for a Jewish state with a American President who is willing to see so many innocent people killed to appease his Muslim brothers--that association is no longer rumor.  Taking inventory of Israel's friends is a fairly easy exercise these days.

No matter what, the outcome, decades of terror has now been rewarded.  Individuals, who will soon seek a new target after Israel's destruction, have been empowered.  The tactics employed will be praised and celebrated.  A powerful framework has been built that will be brought to bear against the American People and/or any non-Muslim nation.  All one has to do to justify pure evil is re-write history, feign victimization, make deals with the elites, and get the right people elected.

I sincerely hope all those have supported Obama are aware of what is happening, particularly, the American Jewish community.  I sincerely hope the advocates of "social and economic justice" have planned a way to explain the coming body count.  If we thought the last ~40 years of Israeli/Palestinian strife was significant, we were fools.  We haven't seen anything yet!

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