Friday, July 1, 2011

No One Left to Tax

I'm going to try to keep this simple:  The only people in the United States that pay taxes are the middle class. 

The middle class pay both direct and indirect taxes because they lack the mechanism to distribute these taxes to other socioeconomic groups.  The "rich" can distribute a higher tax burden to consumers, employees, reduce capital investment, decrease charitable donations, and hire an army of tax accountants.  Low income Americans are mostly exempt from income taxes and benefit from overlapping social programs that account for cost of living increases (to include increased consumer costs from taxing the "rich").

In the mind of a Liberal, our debt crisis is easy to solve because all we have to do is take "it" from "them" (corporations and "rich" people).  Michael Moore even went so far to say private property was a public resource that should be plundered so that reckless spending can continue.

It doesn't work, never has, never will.

Liberals need to stop pretending there is some magic bullet that will end the economic crisis.  Class warfare/envy is a fun exercise for the Left but it is ultimately counter-productive as they are attacking the only ones in the economy who can create growth and jobs.  Growing unemployment = increased demand on social programs = more spending = more debt = higher taxes = more unemployment, etc, etc.  It's a death spiral.

The debt problem must addressed and Congress should be working on keeping as much money in the private economy as possible--maintaining/lowering the debt ceiling.  Money in the private economy creates growth, jobs, and tax revenue.  Money in the public economy creates unsustainable liabilities and unchecked spending.

We should assume our social programs are bankrupt and start preparing the American people.  If mobs want to gather in protest, let them.  If people want to get angry about broken promises, they can look in the mirror and their own voting record.  We have been bribing millions of Americans to behave with other peoples' money and it's going to end one way or another.

Yes, there will be violence.  Yes, we should all be preparing!

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