Monday, May 2, 2011

OBL Down

While the world celebrates Osama Bin Laden's death and Obama's apparent political win, there are many unanswered questions...

1.  Did Pakistan sanction this operation? 

In the early hours this morning, the answer to that question appears to be "Yes."  Unfortunately, that doesn't make much sense as the Pakistanis have aiding and abetting OBL for the last 10 years.  For the duration of that time we had been asking for a sanctioned op and intel only to meet resistance and double-talk. 

What's also puzzling is that OBL was in a mansion.  The American people had always envisioned Osama holed up in a cave somewhere eating military rations and carting around a dusty AK.  He obviously felt secure enough in Pakistan to rejoin civilization and live quite well for who knows how many years.

If the Pakistanis sanctioned the op, and assisted as is also being reported, what changed their minds?  What did we give them?

2.  How will the "Muslim World" react?

I have never been a member of the appeasement club, but it would be naive not to consider the backlash.  Hamas has already spoken up, others may follow.  This may be a unifying event in the Muslim World as OBL was a type of folk hero to many.

As the political class knows, sometimes it's not about doing something, it's more about how you do it.  The orders were to kill, not capture Osama, confirmed by shot placement.  This can be spun to look like an assassination.  Thanks to moral relatavisim, this could also be used to justify all sorts of horror.

Wouldn't Obama know that?  Does he want an escalation at this point in time?

3.  How is this consistent with the stated values and goals of Obama and the American Left?

Obama wanted civilian trials for monsters.  OBL didn't even get a military tribunal!!!  The Left supports Muslim terrorists and extremism; Pelosi in Syria with Hezbollah, Palestinian "floats," etc...  Today they are celebrating the death of a terrorist.

One of Obama's first acts as President was the Islamic Apology Tour.  It was touted as an open hand to Muslim World.  Obama just made a fist and smacked them!

Although OBL's life was inconvenient for the United States and the West, and I can't say I oppose ending it, what advantage have we gained? OBL was cut off from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was essentially leaderless and in disarray.  If Obama really wanted to end the wars in Iraq (still a war with casualties) and Afghanistan, he may have just taken three steps back.

What makes this an exception and why?
When we have answered these questions, I'll join the celebration and give Obama credit.  But something tells me there is a lot more going on here than the American People know or understand.

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