Saturday, July 24, 2010

Defective HJC Shield

Like a lot of manufacturers recently, quality is down, cost is up.  HJC is apparently no different.

I bought a HJ-05 dark smoke shield for my SyMax II helmet to replace one that I've had since 2002.  The old shield held up great, it's just got some chips and scratches that have gotten annoying.

The new shield was ~$22 and I thought would be just like the old one.  I was wrong.

The replacement shield distorts my vision so badly that I couldn't stand to ride with it one once.  The distortion completely tricked my depth perception creating what I believe would be a serious safety issues since riders have seconds to react on the road.  Objects appeared closer or further away when I moved my helmet up and down.

The newer shield is also clear when looking at it from the side while the old one is solid dark smoke.  They have likely changed the manufacturing process to save some money and the distortion is possibly a consequence of that.

I contacted HJC--they don't care.  My dealer doesn't care either and won't do a return since it has been opened and was put on the helmet (once).

So beware if you are shopping for a new HJC shield or helmet.  Inspect BEFORE you pay for it!

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