Sunday, July 4, 2010

Colorado License Plate Fee Increase II

To this day, the most visited page on my humble blog is the post about Colorado license plate fee increase.  People are not happy.

It's been about a year and I saw one of my vehicles stay the exact same while the other, a 1995 KLR650, actually went up $4!  I looked up the Kelly Blue Book value of these vehicles and I am paying ~4% and 5% each year to continue driving/owning them in Colorado.

Perhaps the most frustrating part is, once again, that this fee increase (really a tax increase) hurts individuals and families who are already running in the red and probably driving older vehicles anyway.  So much for "progressive taxation!"

Then comes income tax time when you learn that because the slimy Colorado Democrats call this a "fee" and not an ownership tax (which would have required voter approval in a recession) it is not tax deductible.  For example, my total renewal cost on my car is $122.  My ownership tax is $3.  I can only deduct $3.

For all of you out there who are equally angry, remember November.  You may not like the social issues platform of conservatives but, this tax and spend trend must be broken.  Do you want someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy, or someone who makes it easier to live and work in your own country?

The tired liberal response of "well, you want bridges and roads so now it's time to pay for them," falls flat.  We have been paying for them for generations through income, sales, and gas taxes!!!

If we can't vote these Colorado liberals out it won't be long until we are known as the "New Jersey of the West."

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