Friday, July 30, 2010

The Children Whine

People are finally waking up and many are waking up mad as hell. I predicted this some time ago (when they started to see some individual consequences) but I'm surprised by the lack of accountability some have displayed--many of these folks voted for Obama and other Democrats and have yet to make the connection.

I can't count the number of blogs I'm seeing with grown adults complaining about Obama's policies, one after the other, after openly admitting voting for him! Many are hysterical, some are even calling for civil war.

They are idle threats--these individuals won't do anything themselves. They want someone else to come in and make it stop on their behalf. This entitlement mentality is what got is into this mess in the first place (i.e. I should have everything for free). They lack the maturity and wisdom to know that they are accountable for the status quo and they have the power to change it.

They are children. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 year old children!

As further evidence, consider the contrast between the Presidential candidates; one man served his country his entire life even in war, the other walked around with his hand out demanding special privilege. One man has released all personal information about him and had candid conversations about the trials in his life, the other seeks to hide information and seal documents (it has cost the DNC over $1M in legal fees to keep the public from fully knowing who Barack Obama is). One man contributed to running the country in the Legislative, while the other ran community organizations that exist as little more than parasites designed to take money from works and distribute it to leaches. One man believes in this country, the other hates it (as evidenced in his associations and published writings) and uses identity politics to divide and conquer.

The children couldn't see the difference between these two men and now they want the pain to stop, correction, they want us to stop the pain for them. This is like watching a toddler knowingly slam his finger in a door and having to listen to him wail non-stop. It's intolerable, and it makes one want to leave the room.

You can't vote for a Communist and then complain about Communism!

And yes, we had all of this information BEFORE the election!!! The children go around saying "Republicans and Democrats are the same" or "the election gave us two choices; bad and worse." But are they? Can anyone really say with a straight face that America would be in the same place if John McCain were President? I'm not saying the man is perfect, but he's certainly not evil. Obama is a lot of things, but he is not a master deceiver--it was easy to see what kind of President we would get. I'm frankly surprised things are going so well right now!

Do not get wrapped up in their rhetoric. Some of things I've read amount to sedition and should be investigated by the Secret Service and/or FBI. Violence and threats of violence will solve nothing when we have a political process that works. It merely requires that the children either grow up or shut up.

Yes, I am suggesting that if you can't tell the difference between a John McCain and Barack Obama, you probably should not vote. I am suggesting, to anyone who is reading, that if an individual lacked the judgment to make this distinction, we probably ought not trust their judgment when it comes to things like starting a civil war, killing the "ruling class," or any other violent fantasies they may have.

I am not suggesting the children be silenced, let them scream. It continues to be an example of what is wrong with America. Everyone wants the benefit of hard work, but only 50% of the country actually wants to go to work. From this perspective, the Obama Presidency isn't what's really wrong here, only a symptom of what's wrong.

Until the children are confronted and forced to grow up (or shut up) we will be plagued with a succession of Obamas followed by a wall of tears.

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