Thursday, May 6, 2010

Notice to Liberals

Want to see where the liberal ideology is taking America? Look at Greece!

The situation in Greece in deteriorating rapidly. It's the adults v. the children. The children want their entitlements, the adults have run out of money to pay them their entitlements, and no one is willing to lend a country that isn't willing to work any more money.

The IMF bailout will help Greece stay in the black short-term but only with severe cuts in spending (otherwise known as austerity measures). These cuts will dramatically impact the Greek standard of living since so many in the country depend on government social programs or government jobs.

This is what happens when you grow the scope and size of government, via social programs, to a level where the private sector can no longer support it.

We often hear that we need more government and more programs in America to provide for social and economic justice. But how much justice are we able to provide when the entire system collapses? What will happen to people who, for generations, have become dependent on government assistance? The message "get a job" is a difficult one because, in such a scenario, the private economy has been destroyed and there are no jobs.

We have the opportunity now to bring balance back to government. To constrain the size of government to a level that we can support, yet we are consistently moving the opposite direction. Less than half of the country pays Federal income tax. We have more voters than taxpayers! We are steadily replacing the private economy with the public economy--which can only consume, not produce. Is this sustainable? If it isn't sustainable, who will bail us out?

If liberals really believe in their programs, they have to be willing to defend them. That means bringing economic sustainability and balance back to Washington. A message consistently heard at Tea Parties that liberals vilify and mock.

Unless liberals wake up and realize what is at stake, they stand to lose 80 years of "progress."

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