Friday, May 21, 2010

Gray's Papaya

Getting into New York late, with plans to get up at 6:00AM the next day, leaves one with few fine dining options. Thankfully, there was this Gray's Papaya location in Chelsea close to the hotel.

I have seen a Gray's mentioned a few times on the foodie channels and had wanted to someday checkout the original but was unwilling to dedicate the time and a "real meal" to the adventure. The Chelsea location made it easy.

Walking into the place is a trip in itself. It's like entering a different universe. There are no tables. It's easily 100 degrees and the guys behind the counter are not lovin' it.

I got two dogs (with sauerkraut) and a papaya drink for ~$4.75. The papaya drink is a must. Yes it's strange and even stranger combination. The dogs were great and there was some really good spicy mustard on the counter. I was pleasantly surprised.

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