Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Thoughts about the "Occupation"

As I drove by the screaming Occupy Denver crowd last night, I realized this isn't going away anytime soon.  This is very angry and idle (good combination) group who seem to think that yelling at people will do more good than getting a job and improving their lives--yes, there are jobs out there.

I've also been observing a few other things over the past week...

Inherent Dishonesty
As a non-starter, this group positions itself as "the 99%" of America that isn't rich.  This is utter and complete bull crap.  This group does not represent 99% of America, most of which is too busy working and raising families to complain that someone else makes more money than they do.  The majority of Americans identify as Conservative followed by moderates, not Liberals who want to re-write the social contract (Constitution).  Additionally, being a middle class American provides a quality of life that puts us in the top 10% globally.  Someone making $60K a year is indeed quite rich on a global scale--we're all global citizens now, right?

Another misrepresentation is that there are no jobs available.  There are jobs available.  They are just not the jobs these individuals want.  This is what happens is an economic downturn.  Throughout history, Americans have dug in and made the best of it, enduring horrible work conditions.  Modern Americans have become so entitled that they refuse to man the sandwich counter for 40 hours a week with benefits!

If the only job a recent college grad can find pays $8/hour, then that is the value of that individual's labor in the current market.  If that grad wants this to change, he needs to improve himself.  No, the degree from that Liberal university does not guarantee a corner office with a six-figure salary!  And yes, the loans taken out to finance the Liberal educrats, must be repaid by the suckers who took out those loans.  It is not the fault of Wall Street that grads owe large sums of money in student loans.  Without Wall Street, these people wouldn't have had the opportunity to even get the loan (education) in the first place!!!

Without even discussing the merit of Occupy's position, they fail because they lack honesty and integrity.

Looking the pictures from around the country, I see iPhones, MacBooks, designer clothing, and torn up money on the ground.  Just how needy are these people?!?  Where do these people live?  What kind of car are they driving?  What kind of lifestyle are they living?

The pictures also show professionally printed signs. Who paid to have those signs printed?  The NYC crowd is enjoying catered meals--who's paying?

We aren't able to get all the data on this group necessary to fully determine who they are, but we do have some anecdotal information.  That information points to bad decisions based on a false sense of entitlement.  Want to see some hardship?  Talk to our wounded vets coming back from Iraq and Afganistan.  That's hardship!

The Occupy crowd is also mostly "white" which seems to contradict the narrative of white privilege we are constantly sold by education, media, and government.  Where are the oppressed minorities?  The American Nazi Party supports Occupy.  White people + Nazis = ?  Communist Party USA also supports Occupy.  Strange that these two anti-American groups support Occupy when 99% of America doesn't agree with these fringe groups.

Additionally, the Occupy crowd has voiced their support for President Obama, who in turn has voiced his support for Occupy.  I find this unbelievable since Obama is directly accountable for the economic climate of the last three years.  Big Labor has also endorsed Occupy while they quietly assist in the off-shoring of American jobs thereby depressing American wages.  If Occupy was seriously concerned about accountability they would not be supporting some of the people who should be held accountable!

All of this adds up to one simple conclusion:  Occupy is the radical American Left.  The association with Obama, Big Labor, and other radical groups demonstrates a meeting of the minds.

While I think the bulk of Occupy is filled with useful idiots and "New Thinkers," the objective of Occupy aligns with a radical leftist agenda.  This would give many of the Occupy crowd a little pause if it was really a grassroots mix of Americans.

Lack of Solutions
See any Occupy signs promoting realistic, sustainable solutions?  Neither do I!

Even Wikipedia, usually a left-biased source, concedes there is no clear list of demands.

It's easy to say "kill the rich and take their money," but how exactly does this play out in the real world?  Wealth is used to grow the economy which creates business and jobs.  If we take that wealth to pay for student loans, or other entitlements today, how does that grad get a job tomorrow?

Not to mention this is a slippery slope; what is rich?  Is it $1M?  Is rich $250K+ like Obama said in the 2008 election?  What happens when we run out of those peoples' money?  Does rich become $100K?  And then what?  $60K? 

Additionally, how will the middle class be shielded from tax and cost redistribution from wealthy individuals and corporations?  Price controls?  Yeah, that will work out great! 

Occupy's class warfare won't make a distinction between rich and middle class should it move beyond ideology into implementation.  Then there other problems...

Say we transfer the means of production from the private sector to the public sector.  How does government meet payroll?  Who pays taxes without paychecks?  Who works without incentive (paycheck)?  History tells us how this plays out every time.

We have $14.5T of debt which is more than the entire global money supply!  We could seize every penny of private wealth in America and still not be solvent.  We don't have a problem with private wealth, we have a problem with government spending!!!  Yet I don't see a single Occupy sign advocating balanced budgets or bringing financial solvency back to Washington--those are real solutions.

If you are a young person who needs a good job and some opportunity, asking the government to take capital out of the economy is the dumbest thing you could do!  This is not a solution!!!

Media Comparisons to Tea Party
One of ways the media is trying to deceive the public on Occupy is by creating an equivalency to the Tea Party.

This would be funny if the Press wasn't such an important institution in America.  The media has bought into Occupy hook, line, and sinker, likely because the media is also dominated by radical leftists.  We will not see the truth about Occupy reported in the mainstream media.

The Tea Party is a truly grassroots pro-America, pro-Constitution movement composed of life long law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.  These aren't people who went to protests demanding a new entitlement, quite the opposite.  The Tea Party brings solutions.  Protest sites were often left in better shape than when the protest started.  I don't recall a single Tea Party arrest (aside from the Liberal plants who tried to disrupt protests).

The only time the Tea Party allegedly got out of line was the incident with Rep. John Lewis which has yet to be confirmed.  This remains an allegation which at worst was a nasty and hateful word.

Occupy has been caught engaging in violence with police.  They have destroyed the protest areas.  I won't forget the image in the Daily Mail of the Occupy member defecating on a NYPD cruiser.  Many are advocating widespread violence.  They want to shut down the "system" so it doesn't work for anyone.  How many hungry and homeless would be created?

The Tea Party represents America's producers.  Producers who want the original social contract (Constitution).

Occupy represents America's receivers.  Receivers who want ownership of another's labor and property--a new social contract.
There is no valid comparison.

If I could get through to Occupy, I would warm them.  The revolution they are demanding will happen, but just as they are incompetent in their personal lives, they will be unable to shape/control that coming revolution.
What will be the result?  Again, I turn to history... 

It won't take long for the Liberal Elite to realize that providing education, healthcare, housing, food, etc... is impossible.  Their ideas will begin to fail and they will result to radical social engineering (genocide).  Ever wonder why there are more abortion clinics in low income areas?  Yeah, their social engineering won't target the producers who will be desperately needed.  They will target the same dysfunctional members of society that compose Occupy.

I wonder what the protests will look like then?

It also won't take long for Conservatives (producers) to realize that revolution is preferable to indentured servitude.  Liberals/Occupy are not our masters.  They will not put us to work in the fields and factories while they enjoy an entitlement-filled leisure lifestyle provided by government at our expense.  They will not a make a claim on our children without being required to make the ultimate sacrifice--a sacrifice greater than pitching a tent for a week, holding a sign, enjoying catered meals, and using recreational drugs.

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