Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why I'm Starting to Love Michael Moore

He started out as a sly propaganda minister and has now become quite the liability for the American Left.  It was easy in the beginning for folks to get sucked into Bowling for Columbine or Sicko without a good understanding of the man's bias or selective "fact" telling.  Now that bias and dishonesty is overt--and I like it!

"American is not broke..."  Moore exclaimed at a rally in Wisconsin on Saturday.

Well our taxpayers disagree.  The voters disagree.  Our bondholders disagree.  In fact, the Treasuries market indicates anyone with the capital to invest in our future would disagree--thus we have "monetized" our debt by buying our own Treasuries.  The only people who would agree with Moore are those who have a vested interest in bankrupting America.

Here's another recent quote from Moore about the wealth held by the "rich" ...  "...that's [money] not theirs [the "rich"], it's a national resource..."

In this statement we see exactly why Moore would say American isn't broke--he believes there is plenty of money/wealth and that it just has be exercised from the "rich."  Oddly, Moore has never written that multi-million dollar check to the US Treasury to do his part; more blatant hypocrisy and I love that too!

Here's the important take-away:  Wreckless spending is war on the rich.  The Left's own mouthpiece just told us that without any ambiguity or subtext.  The belief that private property (money/wealth) is a "national resource" defies our values, laws, and even common sense:  When a man's wealth, and the labor he exchanges for money, is no longer his own, why would he continue to give it? 

It would appear, in the minds of liberals, that the ethical issues created by taking money from the "rich" have already been settled--they only lack the means.  What we see in Wisconsin, and throughout the country, is a fierce debate over those means as taxpayers (the "rich") push back.

The anger we see is the entitlement mentality the Left has created.  People are angry because they are entitled to more, and more, and more of a "rich" man's bank account.  Redistributive justice is now a civil right.  History has demonstrated that the denial of a civil right, real or perceived, can justify nearly any act, no matter how evil.

How far will the Left push this? 

Will they be content with taking down the private economy and de-developing the United States into a third world country? 

Will they stop when unemployment hits 30%? 

Will they stop when the net contributors to society can no longer, or are unwilling to, produce? 

Would they stop when/if those contributors use force to defend themselves and their property?

It's clear to me that we can't afford to allow them to answer these questions for us.  They must be stopped well in advance or we risk dire consequences.

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