Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Giant Sigh

Giant sigh heard in newsrooms across the country as the media finds a disaster to report that isn't the result of Obama & Co. liberal policies.  Not only is it safe to report, it's safe to hyperbolize and policitize!  While the Japanese are suffering and in need of humanitarian aid, we are apparently more worried about energy policy.

Meanwhile, our economic situation continues to worsen with food and energy prices continuing to rise.

So how does Obama celebrate this opportunity to lead?  He's goes on [another] vacation!  I'm sure he'll do something stately there, so it's probably "official business."

What's more concerning than the usual leadership vacuum is how quickly and certainly liberals seize on disasters, oh, I mean opportunities, like Japan to modify our energy policy.  One thing we cannot afford to do at this time is make energy more expensive.  Of course, if your goal was to de-develop the United States to a third world nation via market manipulation and regulation, then it's Christmas.

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