Friday, October 15, 2010

State Election/Issues

Some thoughts...

Tom Tancredo

While John Hickenlooper claims to be business friendly, and has a decent record as Mayor of Denver, he is a Democrat who will be pushed further and further to the left.  Dems mean death to business and jobs.

Tancredo has a solid record and always put the state first.  It takes an honest man to take on illegal immigration; Democrats want the votes, Republicans want the cheap labor, Tom wants what is right.

It would be a powerful message if Coloradans elected a third party candidate as Governor!  A message Washington needs to hear.

Amendment Q

I would love to see the look on the face of the typical Denver liberal who sits down and reads this Constitutional Amendment!  Yes, the situation in Denver could become quite fragile given the disproportionate amount of people on public assistance and the high(er) rate of crime compared to the rest of the state.  If you weren't aware of this, your lawmakers certainly are!

Of course, the idea that the State Legislature should be at the top of the list for emergency planning is ridiculous.  The Governor has the power to direct resources and the National Guard if necessary.  Although the Amendment's supporters claim it is budget neutral, it is just a matter of time before a backup site is selected.

The concern is valid though and this is why I moved out of downtown ~4 years ago.  All one has to do is look around and imagine what life would be like in the city with no power or no police, or an even bigger emergency.

Proposition 101

If you didn't like the license plate fee tax hike Governor Ritter implemented two years ago, this is your issue!  Given the regressive nature of those fees, I can see broad support for this proposition from everyone but the big government crowd--the ones who think any tax decrease is evil.

If you don't like the nickel and dime fees/taxes that are added onto cell phone bills, you can also get behind this one.

Amendments 60 & 61

These Amendments have been characterized by the opposition as "going too far."  I even got a notice from my HOA asking me to vote against them.

If we are learning anything from our recent economic issues it should be that we must spend responsibly.  We find ourselves in a reality where everyone wants government services, yet no one wants to pay taxes.

These Amendments force the government to work within a budget, limiting deficit spending, and getting approval for tax increases and borrowing.  When voters are then faced with tax increases, they will have to decide if the service(s) are worth it.

Anything that forces government to be responsible is a good thing, not "anti-government" as the opposition has stated.  The only way this is anti-government would be if all government was corrupt, irresponsible, and misappropriated the People's tax money.

Will it hurt?  Maybe.  Then again, look around and find someone who isn't financially hurting right now.  Time for government (and government employees) to feel some of that pain!

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