Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Pot Problem

With Marijuana initiatives on ballots all over the country you would think the country had little else to worry about.  Ironically, that is precisely why I believe so many are seeking legalization; a way to opiate the masses.

If you need any proof of that, read this LA Times article on George Soros' endorsement of California Proposition 19.  Why would a "multi-billionaire investor," who has made fortunes betting against national currencies, have an opinion on this issue?  Make no mistake about it, Soros doesn't care about personal freedom as his network of affiliated organizations assault our liberties on every other issue.  He cares about devaluing the dollar.  What better way to do that then give a segment of America, already depending on government programs, another reason to be dysfunctional? 

More irresponsible Americans = more social spending = higher taxes and inflation = weaker USD.

Aside from those seeking an opiate for personal or ideological gain, there are those of us Conservatives who are truly confused on this issue.  Something I like to call...

Conservative Confusion

A true Conservative will support any freedom that allows one to do as he chooses with his own body.  Those of us who believe in God, believe God created these natural freedoms for a reason and they sacred.  Those who don't believe in God, can agree this is a natural law or natural state of man.

The confusion is introduced when we are held accountable for that individual's irresponsible actions through taxation, crime, and our own morality--could we really walk by a drug addict dying in the street and maintain our integrity on personal freedom?  Doubt it.  It doesn't take long for some well meaning citizen to utter the words "we should do something."  "We" is a forced collective, "something" will be an act so inherently good that we all should all be compelled to finance it no matter the cost or value.  This is the status quo and if you don't believe it, visit the ER between the hours of 10:00PM and 4:00AM.  Make friends with a social worker and ask them about their experiences.  If you know any cops, ask them about the issue.

And so we have been put in a tough position, one which requires us to take the same position as big government nannies, and regulate personal freedom.  Our ability to put food on the table and pass something better along to our children demands it.  We are held hostage by these redistributed consequences, and in our personal hierarchy, we value our ability to succeed more than someone else's "right" to recreate.

The Solution

Stop holding me hostage.  Release me of my nanny-state imposed social and economic obligations to you and I will be happy to vote for all pro-pot measures.  And we don't need to stop there.  We could end the War on Drugs, slash the DEA, and end the prescription drug bureaucracy which drives up prices and decreases accessibility.

Imagine never being carded for buying Sudafed!!!

This means drug users should be excluded from receiving any kind of social assistance.  It means we need a strategy for how to deal with their children who certainly don't deserve the fate imposed by their parent(s) (again, our morality).  It also means we need to be tough on criminals and support the law-abiding's right to protect themselves and their families given the inevitable increase in crime.

Like I ask every pot advocate I meet:  Are we prepared to make this deal?

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