Sunday, June 20, 2010

Xcel Sticks it to the Man!

Oh wait, no, I mean they (once again) are sticking it to the little guy.

The summer tiered billing (June - September) has kicked in and they've found creative ways to squeeze Colorado customers with a proration for billing periods with as little as one day in June. Add to that, many middle class homes are already over the 500KWH mark in the winter! Summer bills are set to sky-rocket.

People are pissed. But should they be?

These kinds of punitive use billing schemes have been creeping up everywhere. First with water, now electricity, who knows what next. And it's not by accident. There is a certain ideology that believes people should be punished for using resources even when there is a fixed cost for providing those resources. The voters (people) have done this to themselves.

Let me make this clear: In the information age, there is no limit to how our existence can be categorized and punished accordingly. And yes, it will be riddled with double-standards where a working person pays more for less while the welfare demographic is rewarded for using more and paying next to nothing (provided they continue to vote for the right people).

There is only one way to stop it--stop voting for them. Those of us who still have jobs can no longer afford their pseudo-green commie policies.

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