Friday, August 7, 2009

Health Care Rage

If you're on the fence about socialized health care (i.e. health care "reform") you may want to ask a few questions...

Why can't we have an open discussion on how the current private payer health "system" became "broken" in the first place? Might those same issues break the new socialist system?

Why does health care "reform" have to happen in September 2009? Why can't the public see a final version of a bill?

Why are the unions organizing against everyday folks in town halls and in some cases pushing out citizens who are there to ask questions?

Why is the AARP unable to stay in the same room with it's members to discuss its support of health care "reform?"

Why is the White House asking good citizens to forward e-mail communications critical of health care "reform?"

Why do health care "reform" supporters show up with professionally printed signs while those opposing "reform" and accused of "astroturfing" have hand-made signs? Who paid for those printed signs?

If you're not on the fence you either know the answers, or have a list of carefully crafted talking points that attempt to address the above questions (without actually answering them, of course).

The fact that these questions along with a lot of conflict at town halls demonstrates the Democrats do not have the absolute moral authority they believe they possess. But the far more frightening is the prospect that our government, which refuses to listen to the people, is failing.

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