Monday, October 20, 2008

Why "Joe the Plumber" Matters

Over the weekend the media has created a shock and awe campaign against "Joe." You'd think that he's running for office as the Baby Killer Party (BKP) candidate. But he's just an average guy who had the opportunity to ask a couple of really good questions of Obama regarding his tax plan.

(Average guy, in average living room, with average looking furniture)

While both candidates have had excellent questions put to them while stumping, no one seems to have garnered as much attention as Joe. Joe has become more than just the two questions he was able to ask but rather a symbol, a symbol many are trying to destroy, to their own detriment--just how can you make this guy look evil and still be respectable?

In short, here's why Joe suddenly matters...

Joe is Grass Roots

The media does a great job sticking to Obama's talking points and isolating the public from the ill effects of the socialism he proposes, but Joe didn't get that memo. His questions illustrate there is a different reality in American that the media has worked hard to ignore. When you have a hard working guy in front of you asking why his success (labor) should be shifted to someone else, socialism gets harder to sell and it's victims have a face.

Class warfare has become popular in America. It's sexy, easy to sell, and aligns well with populist politics. But Joe has illuminated it's darker side and his questions, although very simplistic, show us the consequences of redistribution.

Ethics of income redistribution set aside, explaining how progressive taxation increases the costs of good and lowers wages for middle class workers isn't so easy. While this is something even McCain himself has failed to demonstrate, as a potential small business owner, Joe brings this impact back into the debate.

Many folks are starting to get this.

The Response to Joe

Citizens cannot question a dictator or his policies. A dictator's rule is absolute (absolute moral authority). The fact that the media (aristocracy) is going nuts over Joe gives us a grim glimpse into our future.

If we really believe in Democracy, then we have to be able to ask questions. Even perfect plans/policies should be questioned. Voters should be informed!!! But the questions of a few can lead to the dissent of many.

Until recently, American socialists had to accept debate and public discourse. Democrats used to say "count every vote," now they stifle the will of the people with voter fraud (ACORN) and go after anyone who asks the wrong questions.

This model has been employed many times throughout history and we're by no means ignorant of the consequences. The elimination of dissent (obedience) is a prerequisite for evil.

What does the future hold when one can't ask questions?

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