Saturday, October 18, 2008

RIP Summer 2008

With great pain and sadness I put the KLR away for the season today.

I had wanted to take more pics and post about rides, but there just weren't many. I started riding the bike again in June to save gas, which also should have a been a post, and found myself mostly commuting and running errands.

For some it might be a little early, but there have already been a few uncomfortable rides and even a little slide on a frosty October morning. On Friday I hit the reserve and knew today was the day.

Next year will require some new tires and more carb tuning. I've been struggling to get the gas mileage a KLR 650 should (55-60 MPG) and need to keep working on it. The bike was originally a Cali bike (lots of additional emissions controls) and has been jetted.

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