Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons from Wisconsin

1.  When a union's bottom line is threatened, it will create an issue

In the case of Wisconsin, it's "about the children."  The state shouldn't cut pay and benefits because it will harm the children.  Never mind that these are modest cuts that are happening everywhere as states wrestle with budget deficits.  Private sector workers have been experiencing this for three years--time for government workers to join the party!

The heart of this issue is actually overturning compulsory union membership (i.e. Right to Work).  The unions know this would mean a substantial pay cut and decrease their ability to further their agenda in the state and throughout the country.

2.  It's never about the children

If it were about the children, the Wisconsin school districts wouldn't be going to court to get their teachers back.  If these teachers really cared about their profession, they wouldn't be harming the education of their students--the very justification against cuts.

3.  The average Madison teacher makes $100K

When calculating in benefits, time off, retirement, etc.  Understand this is average.  There will be new teachers with less seniority that make less while teachers with more seniority stand to make substantially more.

This calculation doesn't take into consideration the part-time and seasonal work, like summer school, that can net teachers even more.  Opportunities provided by a generous work schedule.

This is roughly 2-2.5x what the average private sector employee will make.  And the quality of life improvement (having a whole summer off) is immeasurable.

What these teachers are fighting for is an entitlement.  They are entitled to make 2-2.5x times what the average private sector taxpayer makes and demand immunity from harsh economic times on the backs of the taxpayer.  It is clear some government employees believe we work for them.  There is no noble fight here.  Teachers are not fighting for "fair" pay.  They are not fighting for freedom/Democracy as some blogs and talking heads have suggested.

The teachers only care about their paycheck = greed.
The unions only care about their dues = greed.

I thought greed was one of the reasons we are supposed to shun Capitalism?

4.  When the going gets tough, Democrats get gone

Instead of engaging in the political process, bringing ideas, or trying to stand in the middle to negotiate, they flee the state.  Some intend to stay MIA for weeks!

Take the politics out of the situation and ask; What kind of a "leader" runs away?  If they intend to support the union, stay and support the union!

Now put the politics back in and help me understand how tax-and-spend-and-deficit-spend-some-more Dems think they create crisis all over the country and simply run away from the logical and natural consequences of their actions?

What happens when such a crisis occurs on a national level.  Will Obama, Pelosi, and Reed be booking flights to France?

5.  Liberals only value Democracy when it works for them

And this is the most frightening of all because it demonstrates the American left does not play by any rules--a truth I have known for some time.

When it was time for the duly elected governor and state representatives to convene to resolve their budget issues, protesters shut down the state capitol.  Never mind the will of the people.  Never mind an exchange of ideas/debate.

When Conservatives are upset about an outcome, we allow Democracy to work.  We protest on Saturdays (we are busy working Monday through Friday) and we allow the government to open and do it's business.  When our Constitution is blatantly violated (Obamacare) we are told to deal with it because it's Democracy and we respect the process.

Now Democracy is swinging the other way as Americans realize the disaster that Liberals have created.  When Liberals don't respect Democracy, they shut "it" down.  When our leadership continues to represent us, and Liberals get desperate, we are guaranteed violence.  As things get worse, and more leaders forced to make tough choices, that violence will only escalate.

Food for though.

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