Sunday, January 9, 2011

We Live in Dangerous Times

While the crazed lone gunman is certainly dangerous, what's infinitely more dangerous is the goals of the radical left and how this tragedy is being shaped by media to suit their agenda.

We now know that Jared Loughner was crazy.  There's simply no better way to describe him.  I have reviewed his YouTube videos and some of his writings.  It's going to be hard to put this monster into any stereotype or ideology, but there's one that certainly doesn't fit; Conservative.  Among Loughner's accomplishments was a drug charge, being rejected from the US Army, and failing to hold stable jobs.  He was an atheist and cited Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto as his favorite reads.

Hardly the profile of a Conservative!  Those that knew him described him as "quite liberal".

Yet that hasn't stopped liberals from trying to use this incident, before the body count was even known, to their advantage.  The talking points in comments left just moments after news broke leaves me with the belief that this plan of attack was laid out long before the shooting on Saturday.

Here are some choice comments from the Washington Post story as news was breaking Saturday (observe the date and time)...

The agenda in this comment is obvious.  If Conservative "hate-talkers" are to blame (a foregone conclusion), then they must be stopped.  First Amendment be damned!  How did Chip Shirley know it was a Beck/Hannity/Limbaugh "listener" in the first place?!?

Never mind the facts.... 

1.  None of these Conservatives have EVER advocated violence (we'd see those clips in the MSM)
2.  If they did advocate violence, and are such a threat to our nation, we would be seeing more than just a single isolated shooting on a moderate Democrat.

What we have are political statements using rhetoric that can be interpreted as a call to violence by children who wish to vilify their opposition.  Among the guilty parties is Barack Obama himself...

Obama wasn't advocating violence anymore than Palin was when she put Giffords in her political crosshairs.  Another fact the left will conveniently ignore!

So it's fair to conclude that "the enemy" (interesting choice of words) is on the right.  Why the rush lindsaycurren?  Why are liberals so quick to create an alternate explanation of what occurred, state their fabrication is "fair," and broadcast it before any of the facts are known?

What if the shooter was a liberal who wasn't happy with Gifford's more moderate stances?  In Denver, a liberal attacked the DNC offices because he wanted a public option.  It's been known to happen!

All lindsaycurren had to was wait a few hours for the suspect to be identified to know definitively who was behind it and what his motivation was.

The reason lindsaycurren can't wait, just like the rest of the opportunistic liberals, is because she can't afford for the truth to come out and spoil this opportunity.

 "They have got to go."  Finally, an honest statement that explains the rush to judgement and scapegoating of Conservatives.  How we'll go, I don't know.  I know that Conservatives won't give up.  I know we won't surrender our country, our families, or our freedom.  So I guess jm125 needs to elaborate on how "Tea Baggers" will "go."  But then jm125 would likely be advocating the murder of millions of Americans.  Kind of ironic when he's criticising the Tea Party over the shooting of one American.

The left is desperate to silence the opposition and is looking for a catalyst to suspend the First Amendment.  Socialism/liberalism is failing.  People are getting that and are seeking the alternative--removing Conservative ideas from the national discussion is key to maintaining control. 

We see a powerful model being demonstrated here...
  • Distribute talking points and strategy should an event like this occur
  • Use a network of community and media to lay blame on the opposition
    • Operate in the immediate confusion following the event
    • Bombard the information network with foundless accusations--if you keep repeating it, it will be true!
    • Get the scapegoating in the headlines--no one will read the whole story in a day
  • Justify retaliation which will lead to an escalation
  • Justify the violation of our most cherished civil rights (it's #1 and #2 for a reason!)
    • "We can no longer afford to let Conservatives speak"
    • "We must disarm Conservatives to protect our Democracy"
    • Eliminate the marketplace of ideas
    • Eliminate the final check and balance the People have against a Tyrant
The reason these times are so dangerous is because this game has been played before in history with devastating consequences.  The American Left knows they cannot control a Democracy if they don't control speech.  They can't install a totalitarian regime if the People can balance it's power.

In order to control speech or gun rights in America, many lives would be lost--these are rights Americans will not surrender no matter what justifications the left creates.

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