Friday, December 17, 2010

Liberal Violence

You won't read about this on the Huffington Post, but Clay Duke is a committed leftist/liberal who bought into the dangerous class warfare rhetoric being spewed by left wing Democrats.

We were warned about the dangers of the Tea Party.  Janet Napolitano warned about the dangers of Christian, Conservative, pro-life, veterans.  Where is the warning about unhinged violent liberals?

But the most important question is:  How many Clay Dukes are out there?  How many are looking for someone else to make accountable for the bad things happening in their lives, many of which, are the result of their own actions?

The American left has doubled-down on stupid with the class warfare nonsense.  The rich create jobs in this country.  The rich start and grow businesses.  The rich employ Americans!!!  When was the last time a poor person created a job or made payroll?

It seems every time government demonstrates it can't do what the "rich" do we see a resurgence of hatred towards the rich.  It's more than just politicalization, it's polarization and it's dangerous.

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