Monday, June 1, 2009

Failure to Recognize

GM's bankruptcy announcement this morning has created a lot of reaction but little surprise. What's also unsurprising is the failure of the political left to recognize that socialist policies are at odds with the survival of America's largest auto manufacturer, and that more socialism will make the problem worse.

You cannot take wealth out the economy and expect private enterprises to stay in business.

Prime example, Michael Moore, who responds to this news with more "rainbows and unicorns" will save us rhetoric. His "message" is worth a read to jump into the mind of socialist and see how quickly they dismiss the natural consequences of their ideology.


1. Yes, we are indeed at war. The war between capitalism (which created this nation and made it great) and socialism (which seeks to destroy wealth, jobs, opportunity, and personal freedom).

Comparing cars to "weapons of mass destruction" isn't even worth a discussion. Every type of manufacturing (even "green tech") will have a impact on the planet. Every breath we take has an impact; is Michael Moore willing to end his life to save the planet?

2 - 4. The alternatives aren't ready for the market and no amount of government subsidies/taxes will make them self-sustainable. In order to be self-sustainable (i.e. employ a private work force) consumers must be willing to buy the product/service.

So I get to take a bullet train from Denver to Dallas in five hours--that's awesome! Just point me to the rental counter when I get there!

Our nation, infrastructure, and our lifestyle isn't suited to a radical compulsory shift to public only transportation. I've written about this before. It's also drenched in hypocrisy because we know our elitists will never give up their SUVs and private planes (why are SUVs still legal anyway?). And this is coming from a man who likely couldn't walk a city block without taking a break?!?

5. Yes I can see Farmer Joe loading his crop onto a bus! That'll be efficient all right.

6. The thrust to hybrid cars may be a huge environmental mistake. There are currently 250M cars on the road in America. Imagine if all those cars became junk overnight. The smartest thing to do is refit them with hybrid tech, but that would limit jobs.

And while forcing Americans to buy hybrids would certainly employ workers, those workers would still need consumers to buy those vehicles to make payroll. See a trend?

The hybrid market is tapped out. All the trendy eco-geeks who were willing to pay the hybrid premium have already done so. There are probably a handful of consumers in the margin waiting for their vehicles to need to be replaced, but the idea you are going to 250M gas only vehicles off the road is laughable.

7. Wind power doesn't work in the market and requires huge subsidies. Read much?

Everything else listed requires a consumer. Where are the consumers? If GM can't find people to buy cars how are we going to convince, I mean compel, people to buy wind turbines and solar panels?!?

And once you put the power companies/authorities out of business, how will the gov bail them out?

8. Why try and incentivize, it's time to start punishing!

The Dems control the White House and Congress. I ask again; why are SUVs legal? Why is private air travel legal?

If we really want to change, then let's change already!!!

9. Yes, that's just what the economy needs, more taxes. And here, Moore gets honest. This should have been his #1 but he chose wisely to bury it as #9.

Instead of recognizing how we got here Moore would rather utilize this opportunity to further limit freedom and control individuals.

The gas spikes of 2005 and 2008 had a horrible impact on the economy, but at least that money stayed in the private economy rather than being squandered by government.

Allow me to finish Moore's list with #10...

10. Seize the paychecks of all Americans and give them vouchers for anything the elites in government think they require. Housing, clothing, health care, fuel, everything. Make sure all Americans get an equal amount of what they require (social and economic justice).

Limit the damage done to the environment by limiting what Americans can do in their own lives. No more evil Walmart. No more vacations. No more private transportation.

Of course, Hollywood and Washington will keep their SUVs, sports cars, private planes and the steak and lobster lifestyle to which they've become accustomed.

When Americans fight back and refuse to go to work to continue to produce under these conditions, write laws compelling them to work. Every American will report to his designated work location each and everyday. Children will be institutionalized as early as possible, not for education (re-education), but for free "child care."

What does #10 have to do with GM's bankruptcy? Nothing. But then again neither do #1-9.

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