Monday, February 9, 2009

Losing Respect for John McCain

I remember thinking, after McCain won the GOP nomination last year, "well it could be worse." I didn't agree with McCain on a lot of issues and didn't appreciate his efforts to be bipartisan (which usually meant he compromised and allowed Dems to walk on him). I didn't have a favorite then, but was leaning heavily towards Romney.

McCain is a noble man. He loves his country. And you can't say a bad thing about the man as a person.

But when I heard him say the words "I think this can only be described as generational theft..." in reference to the current stimulus bill being debated, I nearly went nuts. I agree 100% with McCain on this one, no question about it, but it's the flip-flop that kills me.

It was John McCain's decision to take a break from his campaign last year to support the first stimulus that paved the way for the current bill. It was bipartisanship at it's finest! He sat there at the table, holding hands with Obama and Pelosi, and created the bailout precedent that we all knew would become a slippery slope, the total cost of which is now estimated at $9.7T.

The $780B last year wasn't "generational theft," but the $819M being considered now is? Exactly how does that work Senator? Did he start reading Malkin? Had he done that in September 2008 he might be President today!!!

Not only did he help get that stimulus bill in 2008 passed, but his position on the bailout prevented the GOP from running against it. And now that so much money has been spent, how can Republicans stand up and fight now?

If Republicans have to go along with it, there is no high road, and the American people aren't offered any alternatives once this stimulus fails, just like the last one.

If this is generational theft then John McCain is one of the thieves.

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