Friday, August 29, 2008

Blood in the Water

Sarah Palin is officially McCain's choice for running mate and Vice President.

I'm still learning about Palin but so far everything I've read I like. Politics set aside, the overwhelming positive for McCain/Palin is that she really is America. Palin has had to juggle career and family while married to a blue collar worker, with five kids, and one son going off to Iraq next month.

I suspected McCain would pick someone on the outside as a running mate in true maverick form, looking to distance himself from Washington.

What I didn’t suspect was how Democrats would react to this choice.

Instead of being hung over from the intoxicating speech Barack Obama gave last night at Invesco, liberals are absolutely fuming over this pick. It has completely distracted them from the victory they so surely predicted and had already started enjoying. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard “landslide” from liberal co-workers/friends only to see them in complete panic mode this morning.

The race is back on and getting ugly!

Here’s a sample of an exchange I just had at work…

LIBERAL COWORKER (nearly screaming): “…and she was mayor of a town with only 9,000 people!!! How can she in anyway be experienced?”

ME: “Well you should be happy then since she’ll be easy to attack, right? And your guy already won, so why does the losing team’s VP pick bother you?”

LIBERAL COWORKER: “Because she could be the next VP!”

Ouch. I could feel the pain of that realization from two cubicles away!

The biggest irony is that Democrats will have to attack Palin with two issues equally challenging for Obama…

1. Lack of experience
2. Demographics (with Obama race, with Palin gender)

This is going to be interesting!

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