Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things I like about Obama

It's a short list, but in the interests of being fair...

Acknowledges Progress in Iraq

This one required courage since his party has run on/against Iraq since 2004. There are still Dems calling for retreat, even though they have had the ability to de-fund the war themselves since winning Congress in 2006. This position may isolate those Dems, but the ability to modify policy in a changing environment is certainly a positive and shouldn't be overlooked. It also takes character to stand against the white flag waiving masses who were dead set on making sure Iraq was a complete failure.

I'm sympathetic to many arguments against the war in Iraq, debate set aside, it makes little sense to give up when we and the Iraqis are making so much progress!

Reality with Iran

The easy road would be refusing to discuss Iran and a possible preemptive strike by Israel. Recognizing the threat and consequences is leadership, or at least a first step. Although this won't sit well with many on the left who are critical of any tough Middle East policy, it needs to be discussed.

It's clear we can't just talk or "pretty-please" the Iranians out of their nuclear program. The Russians learned that even bribing them has failed.

Whoever the next President of the United States is, he has been handed a difficult legacy when it comes to the Middle East. If Obama wants any credibility on national defense he needs to continue to bring the Iranian issue front and center--it will likely be the next big defense issue.

Condemned Ludacris' Ridiculous Song

Or rather his "camp" did--I'll give Obama credit.

I don't want to get into the song itself except to say that it's disappointing Ludacris has any political sway. If I wanted to know how to pimp my ride, I'd ask him, but who to vote for... Don't think so.

Again, it would have been easy to let this one sit, creating support with the thug demographic while conveniently distancing himself from it (wasn't his song) should it become a liability. It took courage to condemn the song and the values and it was done immediately.

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